Rabu, 18 September 2013

16 Noticeable Mistakes In The Harry Potter Movies

1.  Harry Switches Sides

2. Candles dangle from wires.

3. Rod visible to shake trunk

4. Cameramen visible on left on screen.

5. Set lighting and scaffolding reflected in puddle.

6. Real hair visible under blonde wig.

7. Strings tangled/not in different shots.

8. Hermione near tree in 2nd line but not in 1st.

9. Battery power packs' outlines are visible.

10. Ground suddenly covered in leaves.

11. Prophecy orb moves from 4th to 3rd shelf.

12. Crew neck t-shirt danges to henley t-shirt.

13. Spoon disappears then reappears.

14. Legs disappear and digital lines visible.

15. Distinct height difference

16. Orange blanket on sofa's arm moves to back.

By Pamela.

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